Let's Have a Free Day :D

Boy enjoying its free day

In this century where life has become race to run for everyone. Having a busy schedule is so called life style of the century of this human. Hence, amidst this busy life getting a free day is no less than a blessing. Being a human of this era, possessing a burning desire of becoming successful lady my days also get scheduled with the rare space. I admit these busy days have worked as stairs to put me closer to my destination and bestowed me with many achievements, but these busy days have also put me away from many things such as my family and friends, relaxation, especially from my own self. Thus, in order to rejoice these all things again all I want is a free day!

Due to the workload and spending most of our time in the four walls of office we have somewhere forgot to embrace the people who make our house a sweet home. Most of our time is spent on parties and outing which is costing us the loss of charm of that gatherings which puts all family on a single table and make us all to burst in laughter and leave us as a memory for our busy days. Adding to this, Virtual world is replacing reality we have now WhatsApp and Facebook groups of friends instead of having picnics and birthday parties together. Therefore, to regain the lost legacy of happiness earned from family and friends it is important to take a day from busy schedule to put a wide smile on your beloved ones which gives you ultimate pleasure in return.

Everyone has different hobbies they rejoice to do. They take the dose of refreshment by doing their favorite things. However, one can say that their work is their enjoyment and refreshment, but I can bet that nothing can replace to the free day with a cup of tea and having your favorite book in hand under chilling weather. Doing our favorite hobbies keeps our souls refreshment. Following this, there are various recreational activities such as singing, dancing, sketching, writing or anything else which make your mood refresh and infuse you to start your work with a new energy.

In this busy world standing on the expectations of others we have lost ourselves. We are busy enough in the struggle of positions and promotions that our existence is getting vague. We have failed to know ourselves in the path of adopting new standards. In the hustle bustle of world our inner voice is became inaudible to our own, it is surpassed somewhere. There is nothing more important in the world than listening your own selves, appreciating your existence. Therefore, it’s a kind of injustice to let your brain to lead you always. Thus, there should be a day to listen the songs of your soul and heart.

No wonder! Work cannot be separated from life. Indeed, work is part of life, but making your work as your only life by neglecting other things which are essential to blossom our life is insanity. Hence, life becomes livable and loveable when there is free day to do to all the things you want. Make your day favorite by spending it on your own. Let’s have a free day.

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University.

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