Indo-Pak Clash - What It Means to the Fan ?

india vs pak

It all started in 2007. When I was still studying in my village school. Before that day, I had not idea of cricket and even hated it. I had no idea of the emotions which people show, specially when their team faces an arch Rival and that too in a big event, the World Cup.

I still remember the last moments of the Final of T20 World Cup 2007 between India and Pakistan mainly because of one of my cousins' reactions. He was continuously praying for Pakistan's win and there was a moment when he got up and started reciting Holy Quran.

 Ahhh! That  was the moment that made me a cricket fanatic.

Since then on, I realized how big a Pakistan VS India match is.
If we talk about spectators' interest, both, in the stadium and in homes, there is seemingly no difference between the reactions of both nations. Obviously, each nation prays for its team, but not in a simple way. Each group in respective nations, celebrates the match differently even before the start of the match. YouTubers use their talents to praise their team, singers come out on social media and wish their team with their voices, actors come out on social media and start tweeting best wishes, some manage to come out on streets were the flags of their respective nations and even some legends paint their bodies with patriotically-driven shapes.

Most interestingly, no side underestimates their team even though, if their team had been pathetic earlier. Or the celebrations tell so.
Not to forget, TV channels invest a lot by inviting cricket experts for programs on this particular match.

Pakistan vs India seems to be a day of excitement, enthusiasm, patriotism, hopefulness, embarrassment and victory.
It is more than a cricket match.

Coming to the players, only they can feel the pressure on field. We cannot even imagine how stressful they feel. Even the big players sometimes can not handle pressure and suffer, be it any side.
And unfortunately, if any side loses, which is certain to happen,the public never empathizes with them and shows severe criticism both on social media and in stadium too, so much so that, the team has to return home when public is sleeping.

And obviously, victory is more than an actor's 100 years of acting.
It is truly more than a cricket match.

And the simple fact is,

Losing such a big match is unacceptable in all respects, whether they perform or not.

Sajid Ali,
Student Business Administration,
Sukkur IBA University

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