Imran Khan can't Bring Change !!!

Imran Khan

We keep some expectations from everyone, that’s another case that those expectations can be either positive or negative. Likewise, I have also some expectations, from many ones such as from Government. Like the millions of Pakistani Youth, I myself am one of the biggest fan of Imran Khan, not because of his successful cricket career or handsome looks, but because of his vision for Naya Pakistan. Prior to Imran Khan’s Government, I was not interested in political things or in other words I was much ignorant toward it. But there is something in Imran Khan’s speeches which made me compel to listen him, to ponder over country’s situation, to reflect on my own practices towards my country. Although these practices are not affecting country at wider perspectives, but those are fitting somewhere in the umbrella of citizenship.

If I narrow down the Imran Khan’s vision for Pakistan in few words it can be “Eradicate the roots of corruption and other harming deeds and lead the country on developmental milestones”. There is no doubt that he is working on his vision. But is it possible that the struggle of one man along with few ally will change the old practices of country entirely, is it?

Answer to above question is big No!

No any country’s development is possible until and unless the actions of Public are supporting its progress. The development of any country is directly proportional to positive collective actions.  One of such most influential actions is stop to tell lies. Consciously and unconsciously we tell thousands of lie every day. We are such habitual of telling a lie that our every work and action is embedded with it. If we calculate our lies; it may be infinite. Therefore, telling a lie is not solely a bad habit but it is something which leads us towards other evil deeds. It’s the lie for which we do investigation and invest millions of rupees from economy, people have fake bank accounts, illegal property, nationalities and many more. Hence, it’s the side effect of our lies for which we need accountability institutes like NAB who find out many such lies and liars every day.

 Following this, no any government can do spoon feeding of good deeds; we ourselves have to be accountable and sincere towards our works. No matter how much Imran Khan strives for the betterment, bring tabdeeli, take hard steps and bring prosperity in the nation if we are not faithful to our own country then at the end of this government period we will be the same people to whom he toke charge before. Hence, let’s join the hands to this historic movement in the country by being sincere and faithful towards our acts and actions. Let’s bring tabdeeli and make # Naya Pakistan

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University.

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