How Eid Feels to a Non-Muslim ?

"Diversity is the beauty", these are not the words I am quoting rather it's a feeling; felt with the people of other religion, sects, and casts. I being a Non-Muslim is born in a Muslim country. In entire life so far I have been practiced and treated to respect our differences. Since, my childhood I am blessed to celeberate the festivals of not merely of my religions but also to embrace and celebrate the events of other religion such as Eid.

Eid greeting

Although to us Eid is may not be waiting for Chand, Putting henna on hands, wearing bright and white outfits, visiting relatives, and sharing delicious food, exchange of Mithai, hugging eachother and quoting "Eid Mubarak".

To us Eid is about positive vibes and sentiments. It's all about a peaceful day. Putting status of best wishes, seeing the smiley snaps and waiting for my beauties slaying in beautiful outfits.

Hence, on this auspicious occasion on the behalf of all Non-Muslim community, I wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslims out here. I hope this Eid may vanisish all grives and spread happiness in everyone's life.

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University.

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