Expect A Uturn !!!

Fortunately, he finds some free time from his hectic routine and sits in the corner of a green yet silent park and recollects his elders advises.

Mom: Son! I want you to be the best engineer at least in our country Pakistan.

While saying this, she introduces him to her neighborhood friends,

            “My son is very intelligent. He is exceptionally well in mathematics, so much so that his teachers title him as *Guru of Mathematics*.”

Father: You know, my son is very quick in remembering things. He has the guts of being a famous Doctor.

            “Will you join MBBS, My son?”

“Yes dad, said he with a yet confusing mind.”

Friend: Buddy, I am going to be your partner in business, because I see in you a successful businessman.

Relatives: Mash Allah! You are about to complete your education. You are very Intelligent, you can pass competitive examination. And then you will not recognize us. Hmmm! That is “Dunya”. Koi kissi ka nahi.

Do you know what is the problem with this guy?
He is being Killed. Rather than being encouraged.
Because, Expectations really kill.

Students are the ones who are being killed very often with such one-sided expectations.

Although not only students but also everyone faces this issue, but students are most negatively affected because they have little voice.
We are surrounded by a world where everyone considers their legal right to expect something from everyone.
Expecting something from your son is acceptable but it has certain negative impacts too. Sometimes, he may get into severe depression when he starts sensing that he will be unable to meet your expectations.

Expecting from your friend is your social right, but it may also leave him distressed most of the time from his inner self.
So, before you get too much serious upon your expectations from your son or friend,

            Always Expect a U-turn from Him.

Because, it is his legal right to take a U-Turn and become something else, which may be against your expectations. His talent may be concentrated in doing something else.

Sajid Ali
Student, Business Administration
Sukkur IBA University.

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