Government Presented theri First Federal Budget 2019-2020

On 11 th July 2019 Pakistan-Tahrik-Insaf (PTI) presented their first federal budget 2019-2020. This budget was presented by Minister of Revenue Hammad Azhar in parliamentary house. The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan himself was the part of this parliamentary session.

Minister of Revenue Hammad Azhar started his speech by emphasizing on the barren economic condition of the country on which this newly Government toke charge. His speech was later followed by highlighting the initiatives taken by this newly elected government. Furthermore, he also shared some glimpse of development and profit in many sectors. Together with this, he also emphasized the importance of tax and further shared difference in the quantity of registered tax payers of different sectors than the total amount of people, industry, assets in different sectors. 

Following this, he shared the vision of budget scheme 2019-2020 which is “Prosperity of the nation”.

Overall, government has presented total budget of 7022 Arabs for years 2019-2020. Some of the salient features of this budgets scheme are presented below

  •  Increase of 10% in the salaries of Government employees
  •  No any increment in the salaries of grade 21 and 22
  •  An historic announcement of decrease in the of salaries of Ministers by 10%
  •  Investment of 28 Arabs and 64 Cror on the Higher Education.
  •  Feasibility of giving loan of 100 Arabs at low cost under the “Successful Youth Program” scheme
  •  Budget package of 950 Arabs for Federal development
  •  Budget package of 1150 Arabs for defense
  •  Budget package of 30 Arabs for Daya Mir Basha Dam
  •  Budget package of 15 Arabs for Mohammad Dam
  •  Budget package of 55 Arabs for Dhaso Hydro Power Plant Project
  •  Budget package of 45 Arabs for the development package of Karachi
  •  Budget package of 152 Arabs for the FATA
  •  Budget Package of 10 Arabs for Quetta

Below is the picture description of budget 2019-2020: 

Budget 2019-2020 at a glance
Budget 2019-2020 picture description

Nimirita Wadhwani,
Student of Bachelor in Education,
Sukkur IBA University

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