From previous consecutive years the country Pakistan has gone through worst situation of check and balance system , where not only the layman broke the laws conveniently but the elite class , leading personalities and high authorities themselves made fun of rules and regulations also. This entire scenario was due to the absence of the cardinal element of a synchronized and responsible society that is ACCOUNTABILITY.

This factor highly influences the undertaken step or decision of any citizen of country to be followed under the given parameters in the laws and constituent and if he does not then the notion of set strong punishment chains his further action creating the example for others to keep them forbidden. Less attention or absence to the delicacy of this factor resulted in many shameful crimes or consequences in past few years i.e. exact fake degrees allotment , panama leaks , increment in robbery , rapes , honor killing, forfeiting ,recorded inflation , corruption , money laundering and list goes on. Later for the sake of replying some forceful oppositional arguments and raised questions, when judicial implementation occurred, many black sheep were detected. So unfortunately these sheep were from those classes of our country that were leading and authorizing the country. Hence when those faces disclosed, protests exceeded from months, panic occurred within state, Election Commission called election before the expected duration of present government and the opposition with the high percentage came upon the chair. By considering the accountability as the key of change the new government keeps on making all the law maintaining departments and agencies so firm and stable to bound each and citizen to be answered of their each action and transaction before the law , in spite of their financial backgrounds or status biased.

Following and assuring this element accountability, National Accountability Bureau kept the former chairman of one of the leading political parties, Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian PPPP. Serious blames like fake accounts, money laundering, corruption, illegal foreign assists are on him. Moreover his alternative absences in courts on call of these cases and bales before arresting led the bureau to arrest him. Now after disclosing being as culprit, the statements of him and his party followers against the government seem so dumb and illogical, simple stupid and foolish. The person who has been doing worst corruption within his span of governance is now criticizing others to stop corruption?  The party who couldn’t solve the contemporary issues of public and country to its time i.e. approx. 30 years, is now asking to the 9 months old government to be resigned just because it could not solve the problems too?  The government that led the country to the depths of indebt, charges, borrows, international funds now requires the answers of their own created economical issues from the just formed government? Salute to the dead self-evaluation, salute to such blind followers, salute to ill and sick mentality, and salute the height of dumb and ill oppositional or even ruling skills. Before demanding answers just peep in your arms and colors.

Well for assuring the accountability to the each entity of the society we highly appreciate the present government. Thing and matters can’t be resolved abruptly. The ministers and authorities donot have magic sticks that on the spot rectify issues. Everything needs time to be corrected, to be settled, to be repaired, to be CHANGED. To keep us from the hells of solvents, they also need time. Give even the allocated and ample time to the government, let it to cope up and overcome the issues by itself. Before criticizing it assure we being individual have paid our roles and contribution, time is requiring. Be patient and stay trusty to the hands you have given your votes to. ACCOUNTBILITY is even the rule of Almighty, but we forget it when we think ourselves GOD. Think of change and accountability for everyone but charity begins at home first. BE ACCOUNTABLE, BE PROGREESIVE.

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