Youm e Takbeer !!!

Nuclear explosion at Chaaghi
Nuclear explosion on Youm e Takbeer

Every nation and country has a history full of certain occasion’s events that contributed lots to whatever extent to such state in which the respective nation or country is in present. Likewise there lies many days in the background of Pakistan that are renowned due to some incidents occur at them. YOUM -E- TAKBEER is one of those days. This day is the memorandum of enshaping our promises that we won’t let any person, any factor or any country to have wrong intentions towards our mother land. The day we show the extremeness and power of our defensive weapons and set destructive consequences for every evil eye and moto to our country.

AQ Khan
Dr AQ Khan
In 1998 to maintain the strategic balance and stability in the South Asian region, five nuclear tests were conducted at the mountains of Chaaghi, Baluchistan, Pakistan. The nuclear experts that serves for this cause were supervised by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. These tests were actually the aggressive reaction of Indian nuclear tests to declare that vicinities and boundaries won’t even be thought of when it comes to the defense of our country. These nuclear tests did not only prove the nuclear capabilities our nation has but also the wide range of nuclear weapons.

Today’s tweet of DJ ISPR, Major Asif Ghafoor also quoted that

28 May...It’s not about possession of strategic capability alone, it’sabout confidence of the state in its strategic capability. We are a responsibleconfident state with a credible deterrence.Alhamdulillah.#Youm_e_Takbeer .

Hence the real purpose made most of it and Pakistan became the 1st Muslim country and 7th world’s country having nuclear power on 28 May 1998. The credit for this greatest achievement of Pakistani nation goes to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
ZA Bhutto
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Posing
and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the one who laid the foundation of this decisive experiments and conveyed and agreed Abdul Qadeer khan to come to Pakistan and implement his nuclear notions for the sake of his own country.

Abdul Qadeer khan did not formulated the nuclear idea but also successfully implemented and experimented it, therefore known as MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN. This title was bestowed to him for this Nobel service by the Government of Pakistan on the immense demands of its people too. By holding the fame, trust, affection of Pakistani people A.Q khan stayed permanent in Pakistan, but unfortunately he was not returned with same and our government house arrest him due to immense pressure of United State of America.

History reveals that the sates and nations that forget the undeniable services of its people lead to destruction.  We forgot his noble tasks and let this great person be at exile. Not only this the points to pondering are also that are we keeping and fulfilling the same promises we did at YOUM-E-TAKBEER? While celebrating the 21st anniversary of this day, are we also promoting and following the purposes in the light of which this day is remembered? While cherishing the stability of our country, are we respecting and realizing the services and causes of the actual persons behind this day? This day has also assigned some responsibilities and duties to our shoulders? Are we playing our roles effectively? If yes then keep it if no then why?  Answering these questions will make you to be accountable at self or national level to boost self-esteem and add many such memorable occasions in our history. Pakistan Paindabads

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