PTM Attcaked Pakistan Army Check Post

Army constitutes one of the basic pillars of any state, because of the purpose it serves. Pakistan Army is the top most Army in the world not only because of its daring soldiers, deepening patriotism, trainings and passion but also the firm and effective bonding it has made with the people of its land. But there lies many factors that are in the way to lessen this bond in order to conquer the land and take off the trust and believes of the people they blindly do to their Army.

After the fake propaganda against the Pakistan Army, Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) moved one step forward. Today, Moshsin Dawar and PTM attack Army Check Post in Boya Miranshah, Waziristan. PTM leader, Mohsin Dawar step forward and order his companion and followers to attack the army personal at check post.
crushing ptm cap under feet
crushing PTM cap

Today, early morning a rally was moving toward the Boya, Miranshah under the leadership of Mohsin Dawar .After reaching at check post they started raising slogan against Pakistan Army and then he ordered his guard to opened fire at check post, as a result 5x troops have been injured and Sep Adeel was evacuated in a critical condition, who later had to be airlifted to CMH Peshawar.

mohsin dawar
Mohsin Dawar

Let me aware you that Mohsin Dawar is also the Member of National Assembly. He was elected as an independent candidate from NA-48. He sit in the parliament of Pakistan but doing fake propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Yesterday, he says, 

“I belong to Afghanistan, I am Afghani and I will remain Afghani.”

Pakistan Army showed great patience in his matter but enough is enough, Now the time is up, Pakistan Army should take strict action against them and should clear this fitna (PTM) from Pakistan. We the citizen of Pakistan are at the back of Pakistan Army and we will support their every decision for eliminating these terrorist from our motherland as it is obvious that Sb se Phle Pakistan , and we will never let any body to put a negative eye towards our land even not to our own people or if they do so then they have to pay worst prices through nose.

Source: Bol News

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