Oil and Gas Reserve in Pakistan - Say No to Biasing Or Party Based Discrimination

Human beings are the Best Creators of Almighty. They are witty ample to ponder on the symptoms, blessings and conferment of Him by giving authentic and valid justifications and explanations. These respective explanations are very much impactful and beneficial to our real lives. But not all beings prove themselves to the above cited title, you wonder and argue? You should not , cause there lies such “ones” that are only confined to their restricted zone and mentality that let them to be rigid enough to their explanations only and consider those as only valid and appropriate ones. Not only this but also they don't let others to contribute to the righteous pace and if other dare to do so they oppose in such disgusting way that questions their existence of being best creators. These people are hindrances in progress of any nation being of their inflexible and conservative nature.

I am talking about the recent dumb and condemnable comments made by many other political parties’ followers than the today’s country leading party, about the news that deny the presence of oil and gas reserves within Karachi’s water.
offshore drilling at karachi
drilling at kekra 1
I literally call them as illiterate persons who have become so much blind in opposing the present leadership and government that they even forget to be sane. Months ago Imran Khan’s spokesman and party persons gave the good news of presence of oil and gas reserves in Karachi. Government, analysts and other veteran economist were viewing this as “Treasure” for stabilizing the finance, economy and currency of country. These reserves were taking as the way of enormous influencer in imports and exports of oil and gas.
A week ago this news was proven wrong and it was confirmed that there were no reserves within water, it was only the false estimation. This news seemed much more joyous to the opposition’s followers and they regard this as “scene dropper” of the respected PM by using the phrases like “Much ado about nothing” or “Making a mountain out of a mole hill”. Even it was tweeted that certain party’s followers should offer the “nawafil for shukrana”, so much disgusting thy.

Let me tell you the facts that might be helpful to understand why such reserves could not be found. The average world’s drills estimated for the oil and gas reserves are minimum 40. This number of drills have kept up to 30 in Norway to assure the presence of such reserves. Pakistan has merely came to do 18 drills from its existence , so it’s not a big deal if that news came untrue because of the absence of approximate and required drills for reserves .

Now question is to link of such reserves only to certain party or the present government that recommended it as good news? The biasness and parties-based-discrimination that have prevailed so much prevailed in the country, blind the followers to such extent that even keeps away the ability to think over the dumb remarks and judgments they are making of. While opposing they even forget that this reserves won’t give favors and fruits to only relative party or government but also to them.

In addition to this many contemplating issues like inflation, overpopulation, lack of food, employment etc. would also be solved with the earnings. Furthermore the firmness and establishment of country’s economic and finance that were expecting from such treasure, also will cause eases to their and our next generation too. Now what we have to do is to lessen this mentality and environment of party culture and biasing, to think beyond the sects or simply to country’s level, to cooperate to the government when it comes to benefits of land in spite of advocate party’s or sect’s agenda because it is not of ours, not of theirs but of country’s betterment. SAY NO TO BIASING OR PARTY BASED DISCRIMINATION. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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