Farishta Rape Case

We humans complain lots to God about the difficulties, challenges, disasters, losses, incidents we face in our lives. We keep on injuring our faiths and beliefs by embracing the sin named as hopelessness. We yell, we shout, we scream, we cripple, we cry why our prayers are not been accepted, why we remain with unfulfilled laps and hands, why only disappointments are bestowed to us. But do we ever bother to fetch out the reason why such happen? Do we ever get into our arms before getting to question? Or do we ever think of our acts to be justified with our so called bombastic and praise-worthy words? Obviously No, everyone isn’t gifted with the ability called self-evaluation, and honestly speaking it is one of the key factors that promotes pathetic situation prevailed in our society especially in Pakistan.

From the past 4 consecutive years our society has been suffering from the sick-mentality that has brutally taken the lives of more than 1000s of flowers before their blossoms. Yes, I am talking about the alarming increment in the rate of rape cases of young children especially of girls. We did not forget the Kasoor’s incident, Zainab’s case and many more and now another girl name Farishta Muhammed who was not treated as angel in spite of being.


Her wings were broken in such callous way that took her life. Farishta was the young girl of 10 years, lived in Islamabad. She went from house to buy the goods and relative items for the Iftar and then found missed. She was searched to every known places by the family and when did not find then they tried to approach Police. Police ASP refused to help them and file FIR. After the fake investigation they were told that their daughter went herself with any person rather than being missed. Father of the daughter did not satisfied and kept on begging to police and other investigating agencies to search her daughter. After couple of days, a dead body of child found worn and torn and after medically examining it was raped too. This child was later identified as the seeking Farishta of poor father.

Now the entire case has discloses many true and bitter realities of our society. First, are we and our generation not in the safe place to live and survive? The society that can’t give us the foremost of UNIVERSAL DECLARED HUMAN RIGHTS, than what the hell of its existence and services? Though hurting but we do live in such unsafe society.

Secondly, the country that can’t secure its dwellers’ life, how can be the participant of the organization that aims for the security and protection of entire world’s dwellers?  Before making linkage to the world level, start making amendments for the sake of protection and security of the inhabitants locally, regionally and nationally.

Thirdly if the assigned departments of country for assuring the equal services, security and rights to all people , i.e. Police are not offering their duties honestly than in what “other” duties and obligations they are in busy of ? If Farishta were investigated and searched systematically and properly than I am sure her life could be saved. Police should take these cases to such extreme extent that will be exemplified for all. Punishments should be given to not only the culprits but also to their facilitators and factorial beings so to lessen the chance of such heinous crimes.

Fourthly, where parents’ and teachers’ roles are lacking, must be explored? Parents except of letting their children in educational and competitive races ought to work at their ethical and moral moldings. Rather than spending time on comparing their children’ s abilities , skills , progress , grades to other’s children , make most of your time to their nurture , so that such mentality could be cured. Teachers should also try to integrate moral knowledge to students’ learning in order to grow their roots to right direction.

In addition to all this we individually and collectively must play our part to detect, cure and then rectify such factors, reasons and causes that are giving rise to Rape instead of rapists and demand for their capital punishments. Accountability system must be made firm enough to deal with the culprits and criminals. Check and balance system if make stable than itself will lead the crimes to half or might be to minimum. Most importantly Government , Early child development programs and education , Parents and other children’s nurturing responsible sectors should pay their roles and take initiatives seriously and with heart and soul to assure the inhibition of Rape crime , otherwise we will keep on facing impediments , asking God’s mercy , attending the funerals of our young children , disappointing and being hopeless because Farishtas might not be send later due to our present callousness and mental sickness we are showing to them. 

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