Dollar-Rupee's Rate Issue - What We Pakistanis Should Do ?

زندگی میں خدا آپکو بہت سے موقع دیگا پیسے بنانے کا ، لیکن ماں کی دوائ بیچ کر نہیں 

dollar devaluing rupee
dollar devaluing rupee
The above cited lines seem peculiar to you, right? But in real are not. These lines are written by keeping the motto that is the crucial of present time. These lines enclose the solution rather than the melodrama of yelling at increment in dollar rate. 

Yes you got it, let’s have a flashback. Few days ago the dollar rate has increased more to that of market value of Pakistani rupee and the debate has been arose in memes , social media , blogs and other renowned forums of media. And when it was explored, the cause was even lied between us. 

People bought the dollar so frequently thus to sell it at the time of its rise without even knowing the fact that they are themselves uprooting their roots. The rapid buying and demand of dollar by people resulted in this decrements of their own country currency, but relax! Who cares? This topic has become itself taken as the source of money making and rating influencer by freelancers, media shows’ hosts, Youtubers, bloggers and many respective others to make most of hot list to fill their pockets.

 Don’t they know that this increment is leading their country economy to the international level disaster? Can’t they gist it to the way of alarming rate of inflation within country to cope up to such market competition prevailed by the dollar? Yes they know they surely can but they have a very convenient way to put all the blames to the authorities and government in spite of remembering them as the essential components of system too! They have the right to scream, to protest without fulfilling their obligations! Isn’t it? Be of your land, it is of course our obligation to think of country before our personal benefits and here lies our fault. Our religion also stresses on the thought of being selfless too. 

We admire of Turkey. The time when Turkish lira was dropping against dollar and turkey was facing devaluation, it was her people that came out not the called system via protests and violence. They sold all their kept dollars at market rate to stabilize lira. We though exemplify Turkey but act as Mir Jaffar. We have died when it comes being a nation. Not! Then prove it. 

The notion of writing this article was letting you aware from our campaign. It is about to join our hands to pay our roles likewise Turkish did. Do come out and sell whatever dollars you have with. It’s high time to correct and rectify your mistake and to pay the in debts you have of your country land, Otherwise you will be too the participants at the worst of consequences of nation.

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