What's Your Free Day Perspective About?

A free day is actually the illusion chased by the withered, monotonous and cautious mind , body and soul. For the world it is the garden where seeds of seriousness , burdens  , precautions and doldrums are sown to sophisticate us with the essence of recreation resulting the worth memorizing therapy of happiness and joy.

My perception about a free day is totally different from casuals .They consider free day in enjoying the gatherings , celebrating their procrastinations , visiting dear ones , spicing with tastes , hangout with buddies , managing former pendings and many more . Is it so? When kilkling in the arms of 21st century  , running worstly to meet the standard rush of the world , Is it not condemnable to demand a free day merely to attain the above mentioned reasons? Wasting approximately 24 hours , 3600 minutes and 21600 seconds on such so called entertainment and relaxation don't you think is the batray system of loss?

Have you ever observe river? It flows with all of its potential, crossing impossible and narrow fares and pathways, focusing on making new routs . Does it demand a free day ? The entire phenomenon of universe wil be at protest if the reason of universe thinks of a free day .

Basically free day is the tempus when the responsibilities of world don't bother you to lean your back Focus here , that responsibilities don't bother you rather than you just put them aside to run away from this dilematic swing . Free day is the day when you have amply done with the part you have assigned to in the world by making most of your capabilities rather than to escape it from to have some space for mind . Free day is a day when you successfully recognize your strengths , your flaws rather than hiding themselves to delve when they are exposed to you. Free day is the day when the rights you have enjoyed have been cultivated into the obligations you ought to perform rather crossing them to fulfil at their high time . Free day is the day when you come with each of your decisions and judgments righteously being ready to 3rd authority rather to postpone to deal them later.

In fact if I wanna explore the definition of a free day , many emerge but it's up to you whom you embrace . By concluding all the instances I came to know that your Death Day is actually your free day , because life is the acronym of motion, work , tiresome , struggle , overcoming impediments , diligence despite of relaxation and entertainment . So don't get free to have a free day to free from the roles you are supposed of , cause stale of death is presenting many free items afterwards. The fruit of patience is , at the end sweetest of all . Have a Busy day ahead !

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