Justice For Uzma

You know what is the worst and bitter crime of present? What is the reason behind why people have no cost of living ? Why certain group ever supposed to be suppressed ? What is the actual loophole resides in between us?

It's POVERTY. Your biggest guilt is that your poor . Your breaths are even of no value because your social and financial standards are not high . You are suppose to be at orders and bearing derogatory behaviours because the status quo and discriminating mentality of our society and culture demands so! Sounds awkward , but astonishingly it happened.

 The heart wretching murder of a girl home servant named Uzma, was disclosed before the news. It was so brutally done that being human you are ashamed of . I  don't know even after certain awareness and education , what sort of animals inside human could not be trained and satisfied? Or seriously speaking are you really a human?

In the Marghazar colony of Lahore , a 16 years girls who served as a home servant , was missed and after 2 days found dead from ford of area. When police involved in investigation , the appurtenance claimed of that respective owner didn't let them meet with their child and informed them of her escaping after stealing precious ornaments. Surrounding people on police asking revealed of Owner 's anti human treatments to servant.( made her sleep at washroom and not providing food , even she fed herself from trash) . On suspect , owner was captured.

Her behaviors and callousness deciphered the actual knot of this case and merely checking the CC TV cameras of respective area resolved it. Further she herself confessed that on tasting her daughter's meal , she bet murdered servant to such extent that she lost her life afterwards.

Now tell me what blunder a girl  attempted?  To be a poor , to be a servant or to be a darer of tasting the food that wasn't belong to her? We want justice in her case and certain punishments for culprits so that it should be exemplary to all , so that might be some sort of humanity we claim  so, justified.

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