If You Have To Choose In Between Education And Character What Will You Prefer ?

I will go with character obviously . Character is said to be the most crucial trait on which the entire rostrum of one's personality relies. The articulation of one's character directly or indirectly influences thoroughly to the society. We have moulded in the world where beautification , love and affection are only regarded with that of features , gestures and figures despite of the fact that whiteness of color and face often involves the darkness , the cruel darkness of heart and ultimately of character.

Problem Lies at us , we try to let our generation pursue higher studies , graduate from renowned International English Medium University , that will designate them to the highest rank but what about the cheap illiteracy hopping inside themselves. Why we even don't emphasize their character building , if we aren't realizing the pivotalness of this type of awareness then sorry to say we have lost the right to criticize and contemplate . We yell for the brutality of community despite of bringing up your charactered son in a way that he couldn't spot the characters of others. If we don't bother to ponder over this sort of sensitive nurture then excuse me why blaming to corrupt system? What do system makeup of? You make it , we make it , it will never be perfect until fulfil our part. 

Screaming and protesting are the cups of tea for everyone but daredevils are those who know that their today's character building will ultimately reward and en shell their honors and dignity.
 Hence, character not only en frame one's life but effect others' also .

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