A Little Girl Anum Who Was Cruelly Punished For Being A Girl By Her Mother!!!

In the age where women are ruling the world , conquering the fields , Managing the wide networks of organizations , serving the society right besides with men we still are becoming the victims of the pathetic mentality where they are supposed to be burden or some sign of derogation and shame . Yes , I am talking about the little girl anum who was cruelly punished for belonging to the gender that wasn't remarkable or proud for her parents .

The above cited incident was happened in the Clifton, Karachi , Pakistan where the body of the child girl was found near the coast . On the pointing of the certain citizens police has arrested the mother of that girl as a suspected culprit . People uttered of her act to throw her baby in the sea and as a result police took the notice . The mother now has called for remand by the court and SSP investigation opened of her narration before media . She spoke of her spouse's torture and spelling out of her with daughter due to being mother of a girl . As a spelt she tried to reside at her father but he also denied . She defended herself by saying that now she had left with no option except to die . She threw her daughter first in sea so that she could die free of her daughter's care. She ultimately supposed her this act save for daughter rather than to handover to such callous relatives .

Media and other social platforms are condemning her this act ! Is merely sloganing voices against it ample? Her mother justified her act but we are still satisfying with such lame excuses that she was cruel or out of senses ? And I am still at the dilemmas where we are standing at the age ? Far far away from the concepts that make society to progress , where the think of prosperity is only dream because we are still gender discriminated . Now what lies shame to be a father of girl ? You aren't that much capable then why to molest your woman of it ? Or what the distinction your mother had done to give birth to a man who wants a female for him but don't want to be the father of girl?  Or if then to kill girl is the only solution we left with ? All such negative cycle is due to our ill mentality or inappropriate nurture and awareness on which we focusly should be worked on  . We are looking forward anxiously for such sessions and initiatives so that many others little anums could be saved.

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