7 Annoying Thing That Every Elder Among Siblings Faced

Being elder among siblings,  you have been vulnerable to the following causes.

1) Rules and Restrictions

You had rules and restrictions that your younger siblings never had . At your turn your parents was seeking and learning how to do parenting , all the expected insecurities and probabilities they had ,bwere applied to you merely and when these didn't prove thus are allowed to your siblings. Hence they are free to chill at nights , use gadgets and many more, you never were permitted to.

2) Get Blamed For Everything

 You are always blamed for everything whatever got wrong because you are old enough to differentiate wrong from right . Another annoying fact linking is that You are elder so whoever doing it is actually copying the same misbehaves you have done somewhere at your past times.

3) Role Model

You will always be role model literally not in academic scenario but to all extent , therefore being elder you should possess the "all" good deeds and etiquettes , patience , responsibility , honesty so your siblings would be vice versa.

4) You have to Hide the Things

You had to hide everything you ever owned from them . They remain curious and contented to have your stuff and surrounding them . Even though they are not up to them but they keep it by uttering " you are done it enough now they should automatically belong to us". This isn't ample they also damage even destroyed your things after using or if not then they will use them in such a way that afterwards things are not of our use.

5) You Are a Babysitter

You realize that your parents gave birth to free tutor or babysitter , whenever they need you ought to offer your services in the respective terms . This cause is beyond of the areas of interests but being elder you have to help them anyhow and if you can't so ," what the hell with your such knowledge and even presence".

6) You Are The Experimental Platform

You have had to figure a lot of stuff out by yourself , because being first, you were not lucky to have some sibling , which pampers or manages for you . Moreover you are the experimental platform of each choice your parents had , regarding dressing , career , plays , food , cartoons ,friends even of brands too. If they failed at you so now your siblings are enjoying the crazy and successful side of that coin.

7) You Have to Lose In Every Type of Arguments 

 You have to lose in every type of arguments with your siblings because they are younger and you are elder , you are born to do compromises and adjustments , you have to suffer lots cause you are the synonym of parents.
In the light of above bitter disadvantages , May you never be an elder ! And if you are then May God pay pitty and blessings to you.

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