Why I Feel Anger?

Now a days we all are enshrouded by dualistic ,fake and artificial people,ruining all our sentiments,back stabbing us,injuring our back with poisons lie in their tongues,stocking our minds,souls,bodies with all possible wounds making me to be the one whom I don't wanna ever be. I feel anger,when the person back-biting me is himself not able to even be spoken among persons.

I lose my tempo when the guy speaks lie in front of Me so confidently and I know the truth well.I leave my patience when people bud into my nose,except of minding their own business they sweep in front of my doors?.I don't know why people don't always get employed like I m concerning my own chores ,thus then yard scale of my patience of bearing such pathetic ones cross all its vicinities ,hence resulting in intense shouting,throwing of all near objects into smoke ,make most of my capabilities to break the wall and at last destort their personality with the power of my words. 

Actually it is rule of nature that whenever anyone doesn't come upon our expectations or the credibility we have bestowed to them ,then you are exploded.Whenever you put all your heart and soul merely to hear one word of admiration but the front ones are too parsimonious to praise then you want to put fire to the entire universe so that no one ever can able to be appreciated by any other.

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