Who am I ?

While sitting on the sofa in an air conditioned room, having a cup of tea in my hand , making most of the luxuries I have, receiving letter of appreciation for my idea, updating my present status on social media expecting of likes , ordering PA to confirm my schedule,I have been so lost in the arms of this world until and unless the rushing sound of firing awoke me.The entire scenario has changed and now all above mentioned seem glimpses of past.From singuine busier man to now fridged one ,My own existence became question mark even to myself.WHO AM I???

Dear listeners,

On one hand , living in the 21st century , being the supreme creature,I m exploring many other galaxies, putting anchors to the moon, winning noble prizes and Oscar awards in various fields.My 150 IQ is making records, courage and determination forming histories ,wisdom and knowledge yielding robots, notions are appreciating,thoughts are ruling, responsibilities are fulfilling,rights are enjoying, freedom is accepting, civilization is cultivating,customs are praising making me the examplary being and part of this world. WAO

Audience! on the contrary,I m also the citizen of such callous world where laughings of people are replaced by yelling and crying, fragrance of peace by smell of blood,honor by harassment ,rights by power, happiness by money , calmness of heart by luxuries,taste of food by masess and bodies ,wonders by miseries ,love and affection by bloodshed and massacre , relations and emotions by needs! and interests making me so brutual being I never ever been,HUH

Dear fellows,

Now how can I satisfy my own existence??? Problem is that none of us bother to come and peep beyond our comfort zones.we Don't try to glance other issues.We keep on condemning others to take their responsibilities but ourselves are unwilling to play our roles.Why we wait others to initiate? Why we don't first.Existence will not justify until and unless we get ready to begin charity at our homes,if we can't change this situations ,then try to resist or at least forbid to be the part , otherwise, we and our next generations too will remain in dilemmas of justifying WHO WE WERE and WHO THEY ARE? That's all.

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