Was google drunk ???

The depreciation Pakistani currency , RUPEE ,  is facing got the attention of the entire E-world in a way that never thought of.

 Day before yesterday Google , the most popular search engine displayed 1 Dollar as 76 Rs approx. This result was so much astounding and suspicious that made it viral within seconds. 

source: moinazzam graphics
Public responded and remarked it as if Google was drunk or under the influence of ebriety. 

This is due to the entire 180· change in value of ruppe as compared to USA dollar , which is 139 Rs in actual , a great margin to be crossed. At the similar hand the present economical circumstances of Pakistan doesn't support and dream of such rapid strength at this strand ,hence made the public at justice to comment so. Later on, Google declared that result as a mistake of the server and corrected the worth of 1 Dollar to 139 P.Rs .

This mistake, in addition with surrounding with laughing memes and video,  tweeter trends , bulletin' highlights , raises the question to think that Is  Economical stability of Pakistan only be approachable in dreams or via mistakes?? 

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