This Artist Made A Beautiful Portrait Of Imran Khan Using The Words Of The National Anthem And WOW

Pakistanis are known for their diligence , passions , quest for persuasion,aims and competencies and God-gifted talents . Every time they have given an opportunity, their resulted magnumopuses , that can't help people admiring them .

Passion has no cost , no bounds, no restrictions.

If the above quote could be molded it definitely be en shaped as Sonia Nisa . A young emerging Pakistani student of Islamic scholarship from UK , capturing the hearts and attention of the entire art world by making amazing calligraphy and portraits. She formerly portrayed Qatar's Emir Tamir for Qatar National Art Day , with the words of Qatar's National anthem. But her master strokes in this field was revealed due to her recent work on Prime Minister Imran Khan .She created the calligraphy portrait of IK by making most of our national anthem . She personified His face by means of timelapse , that is worth appreciating. For her Imran Khan is an inspirational leader and her role model. She aspires to pay him tribute and when her passion and pure intentions mingles it came up in the consequence of this .

She made her education in every discipline she is fond of , by having respective courses . Her commands are in Herbal sciences and Islamic scholarship too. She has set an example that whatever specialty you possess or whatever you are fond of , Do it . Life is short and precious for persuading such big dreams , so make full of it.

You can check video here:

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