Is Smoking Really a Stress Relieving Agent ?

Astonishingly A latest survey heavily supports smoking as a stress relieving agent .It is because of Nicotine in cigarettes that is mood altering factor smoldering feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety. Hence , keeping one away from the effects of such negative sentiments and notions.

 Moreover , nicotine also prevents the cartilage and joint deterioration , therefore , smoking saves your expenditures of Knee-replacement surgery. It also acts a stimulant that keeps you active, awake and alert ; for thats sake Nocturnals often are addicted smokers. Fashionista and zero sized take smoking as substitute after heavy meal because it speeds up metabolism , which is prerequisite for maintaining their ideal physiques. Smoking thus , also appreciated for not promoting obesity , lowering its risk. One of the amazing data obtained is that smoking lowers the risk of death to smokers than to non-smokers . In addition to this it also controls Parkinson's disease to invade man.

Inspite of all above perks , a health report speaks of an alarming rate of life risking diseases.Smoking directly impacts to Cardiovascular health, include strokes. Lung cancer , in which air sacs are worstly damaged , is caused by cigarette smoking. Many other diseases like emphysema and nasal cancer , are also caused because of it. It shortens the age to 11,12 years .Smoking widely supports Infertility in both male and female, hence adversely affect the rate of expectations in couple's. Not only this but one's smoke is also bad for others as they breathe in this smoke second-hand and may suffer from all such pathetic conditions and health that a smoker do.

However , cigarettes have been producing in factories , shops have been selling them and people are using it. Thus , Socialists and activists consider smoking as one's own business as all beings have served with both choices via campaigns and advertisements. Thus people are free to smoke or not ,it is an individual liberty.

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