IQBAL , BY MUSTANSIR MIR ,A Masterpiece , Should Be Read By All.

The influences that compelled author to write this book were to introduce IQBAL, pre- eminent poet and philosopher, to the general readers in English speaking world and to highlight the respectable number of his work in English ( which haven't set systematically).

First author has disclosed a secret that thousands of people are still unaware that iqbal has also written magnum opus in Prose as well. His non technical , discursive and substantial textual prose is too much different with that of his  rhetorical diversed thematic poetry yet the reader captivates in the magical coherence between both of them.

Author has categorized book into six sections in first one he gave brief life sketch of IQBAL, by using biography from JAWED IQBAL, his personality and work .In second and third he sophisticated reader with major themes of poetry in which Love , nature, Islam as a living faith,  East and west ,life as a quest, human situation etc are praise-worthy.The thematic diversity of iqbal's poetry alone ,has assured him a place of honour in both Persian and Urdu histories. He didn't only uses this medium for expressing feelings but also to discuss the metaphysical,economical and political issues , for commenting on artistic and cultural matters, for reflecting on human existential situation by a stirring term KHUDI and above all for contributing individual and collective life to the world of transformation (change).

Fourth and fifth chapters deal with philosophical,social and political thoughts by keeping eyes on cultural, educational , national and Islamic panoramas.

The vivid and lucid explanation on 2 major controversial issues NATIONALISM and MYSTICISM have also quenched thirst for relevant queries.

Author has also satisfying readers by giving citations of LATIF AHMAD SHERWANI and references of other renowned names.

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