HEC Dissolves Equivalence Certificate for O & A Level Students

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has enlightened Lahore high court regarding the modification in rules for college kids of O and A-Levels.

Previously, Cambridge students were needed to urge an equivalency certificate from the Inter-Board Committee Chairman (IBCC) of Education Boards.

Romana leader, a student had challenged the need in an exceedingly petition to challenge the conditions needed to get one.

HEC wasn't attesting her degree as she had graduated from Punjab University and then completed her Masters from a private university.

Romana had not studied Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies throughout her O and A levels that resulted in an exceedingly downside once the time came to retrieve her equivalency certificate.

Her lawyer argued on her behalf that she was facing issues as a result of the certificate to receive a piece allow in port.

During the hearing, the HEC council then shared the notification that students are not any longer required to use with the IBCC for O and level equivalence for attestation of Master’s and Bachelor’s degree.

This call comes as an enormous relief to several Cambridge students UN agency have two-faced constant issues whereas applying for his or her certificates.

Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan shared that the foundations had been modified for the students’ profit and that they would be applicable across the country with uniformity.

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