Is #JahaizKhoriBandKaro only a "HASHTAG" ?

taken from aiman khan insta account

After getting up and taking my tea mug I started the casual scrolling at different social apps.Fortunately I glanced at some anti-sociocultural posts by many renowned figures of media and other industries.What the diplomatic cognitive domains have been conveying! Astonishingly, like merely posting the trendy anti-orthodox traditional snaps satisfy the ethical, religious, social and civil responsibilities?? What about things name "practices & implementations" ,mean what sort of duties you are fulfilling by just putting slogans against dowry?
Well let know what  DOWRY  means!
It is that curse of society that has been treating as pre-requisite in every boundary for girls. It is the broad umbrella that contains moral mouldings , etiquettes , education, moderation , adjustments , compromises , kindness, care, loyalty, affection and many more positive aptitudes a girl should be sophisticated while marrying and supposed to be departed at her in-laws. This definition sounds peculiar ,yaaa because morphologically and physiologically dowry has been altered as the centre of goods , ornaments, furniture, appliances ,utensils etc , but who are behind the curtain? You , I and we all. This definition is made and promoted by all of us.
The mentality matters a lot in this regard.People who demands dowry for girls are mentally sick. They even chose the partners for their sons as per quantitative and qualitative dowry criteria. Is it not ample to handover a complete alive girl by a father to you? Is the father of girl needed much more to do in addition with bestowing a full time worker with her all services? Or for you goods and money mean more than a living being? 20% girls in Pakistan are murdered due to this , 30% can't even marry due to this and 5% parents are unable to afford the demands required because of this curse hence suicide commitment occurs there . Stop it.Treat others in a way that you don't have to cry over your milk later. Nurture and intellectually mould your generation in such manner that care , mass and emotions lie prior positions than money and luxury.
The influence of media has much wider at this too and that's my focus point, like who are posting and awaring such anti-dowry campaigns _ the ones who are not only practicing it but also stimulating the sentimental rebellions to other girls!!  Are advertising and showcasing the brands, spending many crores on long-term weddings,its arrangements ,pre and post parties , having wardrobes by the expensive designers , styling among lacs ; ways to condemn it???? Or if you really do so ? Morning shows specially should be banned to promote this curse . Your channel can afford such luxury but the parents of lower and middle classes in our society can't. First practice it by yourself.People follow you being their ideals , prohibit from it first , remain and act simple rather than singing and using your hands to speak.

Another big role is required by the Government sector, that should take initiatives to suppress this unlimited dowry demands. Constitution should either its complete inhibition or vicinity it to such limits that can easily be accessed by every standard. Religious scholars must aware people with simplicity Almighty has mentioned . Follow the teachings of Holy prophet , live simple , act simple and let others to be at convenience.

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