Imran Khan Just Trolled Shaikh Rasheed and its Hilarious

We all know that Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed is a Die- hard food lover. Sheikh Rasheed fans know that he never shies to enjoy food in gathering and meetings. Similarly the hilarious incident happened in the federal cabinet meeting.

Apparently the meeting lasted for 3 to 4 hours and minister couldn't bear their hungers.

Hence Sheikh Rasheed put a hilarious demand to Imran Khan.
The report state that

"Either food be served in the meeting or the ministers be allowed to bring their lunch box."

We all know that Imran Khan has banned food and drink in meeting therefore Imran khan trolled Sheikh Rasheed like a Swag in front of all minister and stated:

"The Ministers need to go on diet instead."

Khan reply resulted in roar of laughter in a room.

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