Pakistani land is widely known for yielding such diamonds in the world that remark the history with their extraordinary potentials.The edges of talent when groom and sharpen became stars to show the bright way to others. MOHAMMAD ABBAS , an emerging fast baller is the true reflection of the above mentioned statements. He has kept the hearts of spectators and eyes of selectors with his magnificent swing and seam balling in the test matches against West Indies, Ireland and Australia, which indeed is commendable.He was the native of Sialkot and remains the topper in regional cups.His errands to different professions for the sake of his passion are the proves that when you truly crave for something , the whole universe conspires you to get it . The thing that inspires the most is his " OPTIMISM" towards the impediments , he has been gone through. He declared them as SIGNBOARDS to his actual destination. "AGGRESSION" a very negative, strong and dominant sentiment for a player is very positively described by him as , aggression to yourself to be distinct , to remain it , to pursue passion , to confront when you are repelling from your actual track , to win with struggle rather with dependency on peers. He was too keen for cricket that he oftenly slept on the only PITCH present in his home ground , available for all the teams there and conferred to the 1st comer team. Like Wuaaah !!!! What an enthusiasm and utopia he possessed that led him to stay at pitch whole night in order to have the "only" opportunity , still he unfortunately was appreciated after baking and sophisticated country's tag very late due to no wings to fly. Now let's see this side of picture. Inspite of his extraordinary performances in regional and other tournaments why he didn't give forum for national representation? Why many of such diligent players are being rusted by limited criteria , access and opportunities by our Cricket Board ? Why talent is always praised after special evidentiary attempts? Why selectors' eyes don't recognize the worth of that diamonds until it has not been applaud and highlighted by public, media or some other foreign resource? Does actually the so called board only prefer its "apple of eye" on whatever basis who later prove to be spotty and condemnable , snatching the rights of eligible ??? The answers to all above questions is finding the factors that are raising them. Board if couldn't formerly provide "PITCH" to the players like Abbas then not try to make a culture of producing many like him now , for whom there lies countless hinderances to make their passions as professions too. Otherwise not all are audacious enough to burn their eyes with welding , piercing their hands with tanning chemicals and simultaneously satisfying their inner fire (passion) as MOHAMMED ABBAS did , indeed he is an aspiration yet Rebel is always awaiting to burst to have the consequence we never ever thought of.

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