Freedom of speech although justifies the individual existence of beings ,realizes the cardinal role single person can satisfy only,makes man evaluated how important his words,actions and notions are yet it ruins the vicinity of ethics,morals,etiquette and somehow of religion too,showing the darkest side of this coin.
Firstly,this freedom stimulates over self esteem and reliance in people ultimately influencing critical analysis of others perspectives and panoramas without even explore themselves.This right only makes us bother to extremely ponder over what others think,do,speak and suggest without even peeping at our aberrations,predictions and implementations.We remain in search what differences stand in their description and practicals but what about ourselves? Are we perfect? Are we at righteous paces and designations to justify others characters? Does freedom of speech give us an authentication and certification to molest and ashame others? If no then we are at its curse.
Secondly,we consider and utilize wonderfully RELIGION for our purposes.We although might have too far away from obligations,responsibilities and crucialities our religion has assigned to us, although our characters are also question marks for ourselves and fishy fishy for others yet when it comes to FOES ,we become WORLD CLASS THEOLOGISTS ,spotting their personalities,blaming them and even bring evidences as per jurisprudence narrates! Is it not ridiculous? Just glance over previously incident at blasphemy incident ,justifying their actions the violent mob declared themselves as True Prophet Lovers! Does HIS love demand these illegal acts and abusive language? Does blasphemy only consider and regard with words? What about followings ? What about neglecting HIS teachings and instructions?Freedom of speech thus here also lost its dignity.
Thirdly,following blindly is the pivotal factor diminishing our this right.Trends, majorities,hotlines, hashtags,media,fashion all are getting so dominant that seeze us even to search and delve into others scenarios before remark them as culprits.We merely keep on updating statuses,tweeting trends and threats,writing blogs on what resoursal eyes convey to us.Do such actions promote our ethical legacy? No again this freedom's effectiveness ends in smoke here. Hence,all these above mentioned reasons reflect about what and many curses this freedom has conferred us, influencing at such aspects even we couldn't think of.

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